Participant Support Specialist (Physical Disability Inclusion) – Canadian Wildlife Federation

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Position: Technical Resource Facilitator
Organization: Canadian Wildlife Federation
Location: Anywhere in Canada

With respect to the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s (CWF’s) youth educational programs across Canada, the Participant Support Specialist is responsible for supporting the inclusion of all participants and alumni, and where needed, to initiate changes in the setting that will support each participant’s inclusion and participation. A strong focus will be on the inclusion and accommodation of participants with varying physical disabilities, as well as providing opportunities to access supportive services. Duties include but are not limited to providing support for participants needing accommodation, help staff understand concerns, identify youth at risk, coordinate appropriate interventions, and work with community members and partners. The Participant Support Specialist is also required to maintain confidentiality and professionally interact with employees, management and the public. Other duties shall be assigned as necessary.

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