Guiding Hands Nature Retreat Tipi Camp

K-12 Students Children Youth Adults Families
Spring Summer Fall
Sustainable Living Water Ecosystems/Wildlife

Perfect for: K-12 Students, Children, Youth, Adults, Families.

To educate people about the value of nature and outdoor recreation and to teach individual responsibility for conservation, ecological awareness and sustainability.

Regional Districts:RDCK
School Districts:SD5, SD6, SD8, SD10, SD20, SD51
Activities:Field Studies, Nature Appreciation, Outdoor/Learning Centres, Resources, Stewardship/Sustainability Projects, Workshops/Training

Wildnerness Immersion for Self Esteem: 
  The WISE KIDS program offers two 5 night/6 day camps for children 9-12 and Teen Camp from 13-18 years old, which begin the Wilderness Immersion series. Games and gentle challenges in a natural environ  More Info

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