Ktunaxa Nation Aknusti Coordinator – Lands & Forest Sector (Cranbrook)

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The vision of the ʔa·knusti Guardian Program is to have knowledgable stewards out on the land to monitor
resources and Ktunaxa interests. Guardians engage with Ktunaxa knowledge holders and citizens to celebrate
Ktunaxa culture as it relates to stewardship. Guardians collect information that is used in stewardship decisionmaking, share Ktunaxa covenants, and uphold the stewardship-related laws of the land.

The Coordinator of the ʔa·knusti Guardian Program brings focused attention to building the ʔaknusti Program,
from verifying objectives in the strategic plan through to implementation. The Coordinator works in cooperation
with other KNC staff in the Lands sector, and other sectors, to refine and develop the Program and is responsible
for the achievement of strategic objectives while making practical use of available resources.

This position, in collaboration with the Community Engagement Team, will play an essential role in engaging
Ktunaxa citizens and getting them involved in the Program. The goal is to engage with and mentor citizens on
the land to celebrate Ktunaxa language and culture related to stewardship.

In collaboration with other Lands’ specialists, the position oversees the collection of information about the health
of the land and water to support decision-making. Reporting to the Guardian Team Lead, the position leads
other staff, to help guide them in their essential Guardian duties. Coordinating field activities and data collection
techniques, this role will contribute to data that will be critical in stewardship decision making. This position will
participate in fieldwork and data collection, as required. An additional role in the field is to serve, as assigned,
as field supervisor to meet the needs of the safety program.

Patrolling ʔamakʔis Ktunaxa, promoting responsible land and water use, and liaising with enforcement
agencies is part of the routine. In the monitoring process, Guardians share Ktunaxa covenants and
stewardship principles, including rights and responsibilities, and within safe limits, uphold the laws of the land.

The Coordinator position requires technical knowledge, independence, and vision, yet also a humble,
collaborative approach to building relationships, integrating diverse information and perspectives, and drawing
from the expertise of other KNC staff and citizens.

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