Environmental Impact Assessment Biologist (Cranbrook or Nelson)

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The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy is responsible for the protection, management and conservation of BC’s water, land, air and living resources. The Ministry mitigates and manages the risks and consequences from climate change, including developing plans to set and meet carbon pollution reduction targets. It also oversees provincial government assessment. Staff expertise in policy, science, research and analysis are central to supporting all Ministry responsibilities. Ministry legislation, regulation and public outreach activities ensure a safe and healthy environment for British Columbians, while supporting a strong, sustainable economy.

The Ministry’s Environmental Protection Division works to protect human and environmental health. The Division’s main goals are to improve air quality; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; improve surface and ground water quality, including drinking water sources; re-develop a provincial plan for reducing and removing toxins and waste that contaminate the land, air and water – and for responding to high-risk environmental emergencies; and, enhance environmental stewardship, shared with other stakeholders.

This position is a regional specialist in aquatic environmental impact assessment and provides recommendations and guidance on monitoring, mitigative or remedial activities. In this role, you represent the Ministry, working with all levels of government, industry, land users, members of the public and the media, to lead education and awareness and promote environmental stewardship.

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