Clear Sky Centre Farm & Food Forest Caretaker (Volunteer)

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If you have a particular interest in farming and food forests, Clear Sky invites you to apply for our 2019 Food Forest Caretaker karma yoga position. While all of our karma yogis are involved in a variety of activities (such as cooking, video editing or outdoor maintenance), the Food Forest caretaker would have a specific focus on the farm, and spend the majority of their time on farm-related project: harvesting, weedwhacking and pruning; upgrading irrigation systems; and producing and selling value-added products (such as juices, jams, and chutneys). You would be supported by the guidance of our Farm Manager in all areas of your farm-related karma yoga.

Clear Sky is proudly home to one of Canada’s largest cold climate food forests. Designed in 2012 and planted in 2013, the food forest is a one acre demonstration model of sustainable agro-forestry. For anyone wishing to grow their own Food Forest or start their own artisanal, perennial based organic farm, this position will provide invaluable ‘hands on’ experience.

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