Clean Air Partnership Program Evaluation RFP (anywhere in Canada)

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About the Clean Air Council

The Clean Air Council (CAC) is a network of 30+ municipalities and health units from across Ontario. For twenty years, CAC members have been working collaboratively on the development and implementation of clean air, climate change, sustainability and resilience actions. The CAC is based on the premise that municipalities benefit from actions that reduce energy use, reduce emissions, make the movement of people and goods more efficient, and make communities more livable, competitive and resilient.

CAC members work collaboratively on agreed upon priorities. Members track, analyze and determine the outcomes of actions and bring together experts and practitioners to share experiences and lessons learned. There are many benefits to a collaborative approach to addressing complex issues. Having multiple jurisdictions at the same table enhances networking and the exchange of resources and information. It ensures that clean air and climate change efforts are not unnecessarily duplicated. Working together, Clean Air Council members achieve far more with fewer resources and reduced risk.

2. Evaluation Scope

We are seeking a third-party evaluator to design and implement a program evaluation appropriate to the scope, timeframe and goals of the project. The evaluator will develop and implement an independent and objective process to analyze the effectiveness of the CAC and the overall project activities, and how these have contributed to the advancement of climate action and sustainability in the CAC catchment area.

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