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All About Bats - SD8

Program Cost$150.00
TypeIn Class (approx 1 hr)
Duration1 hour

Did you know that bats can eat their body weight in insects in a night? Or that some residents of the Columbia Basin have rare bat species living in their garden shed?

During this program, you'll find out more about the amazing world of bats including their biology, ecology and myths. Students get a virtual tour of bats from around the world, eavesdrop on the echolocation calls of bats, touch and feel bat research equipment.

Post-program activities can be left with the instructor. Students will learn more about how to participate in bat counts or build a bat house.

Joanne Siderius

Title: Wildlife biologist / educator

Address: 2826 Six Mile Lakes Road
Nelson and area BC
V1L 6W3 CA

Seasons:Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Intermediate (4-6), Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD10, SD8


See 7 testimonials.
"Joanne has great background knowledge as a biologist and is very approachable by children. Strong recommendation." - Jill Gingrich
"she was very informative, maybe more movement when presenting to little ones." - Halii Raines
"I would highly recommend Joanne!!" - Marsha Roberts
"Joanne was very enthusiastic about the topic as well as knowledgeable - although my students' questions did stump her a few times! I have recommended this presentation and educator as it is an engaging presentation, and there is lots of variety; for example, students are up moving around at times and playing several different games. She also has some great visuals. " - Megan Jamison
"She was extremely engaging, knew when to switch activities to maintain the student's interest, followed up on facts she had shared to consolidate learning, and provided us with activities we could do once she left to expand on what she shared." - Sarah Keenan
"Joanne was knowledgeable, had good management, and interesting information." - Jen De Sousa
"Joanne had lots of great interactive props to help the students' learning (puppets, bat models, different scents)." - Susan Christie

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