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Healthy Soils - Introduction to Earthworm Science

Program Cost$150.00
TypeIn Class (approx 1 hr)
Duration2 hours

In this visit to the Greenhouse we will study the components of healthy soil to understand the health value of organic gardening practices. If the nutrients in our soil end up in our food, then so do the chemicals. We need to take care of the soil in order to grow food that is both nutritius and safe for our consumption and for our air and water cycles. Soil is much more than just dirt. Life on Earth directly or indirectly depends on soil for food. Most plants get many of their nutrients from soil they grow in. Students will learn about Earthworm Science as they investigate what healty populations of earthworms are. They will also get to explore how earthworms affect layers of soil and what their favorite foods are to eat. Earthworms perform several beneficial functions: they break up the organic matter and play a major role in recycling the nutrients contained in organic matter, they increase air and water infiltration, and provide channels for root growth. Come and explore soils!

Alongside her husband Oliver, Lin Egan manages Windeberry Nursery (specializing in flowers, perennial plants, trees and shrubs) and Edible Acres, a certified organic vegetable market farm and CSA project.


Organization: Winderberry Nursery

Address: 4853 The Dell Road
Windermere BC
V0B 2L2 CA

Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Primary (K-3)
School Districts:SD6

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