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Discovering Local Food

Program Cost$250.00
TypeHalf Day Field Study
Duration2 hours

Edible Acres is an organic market farm and an adventure in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a growing movement encouraging the resurgence of local farming and harvesting. Our CSA consists of individuals and families who pledge to support our farm and share the risks and benefits of food production. In return they are awarded with a weekly box of farm fresh produce. Our vision, and promise to our community is to respect the land, farm organically and enhance our surrounding ecosystem. As young farmers our mission is to educate our community about the importance of local food and organic production.

Alongside her husband Oliver, Lin Egan manages Windeberry Nursery (specializing in flowers, perennial plants, trees and shrubs) and Edible Acres, a certified organic vegetable market farm and CSA project.


Organization: Winderberry Nursery

Address: 4853 The Dell Road
Windermere BC
V0B 2L2 CA

Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Primary (K-3)
School Districts:SD6


See 4 testimonials.
"Ollie and Lin always have lively, interesting games and hands-on projects for students!" - Alyssan Gauthier
"The students learned a lot and had a wonderful experience! You could tell Lin and Oliver are passionate about what they do but also keen to share their knowledge with others." - Jen Tagg
"Lin and Ollie are very knowledgeable, keep up with the busy pace of the students, are experienced in running these tours, and are fun-loving people!" - Jessie King
"Oliver is a dynamic presenter who is flexible and able to relate well with the students. His lessons and knowledge are delivered in a way that my students are engaged. " - Tara Whittick

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