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All About Bats: Elk Valley

Bookable Types In Class (approx 1 hr)
Duration1 Hour
Contact This Presenteraylabennett3@gmail.com

About the Program
Did you know that bats can eat their body weight in insects in a night? Or that some residents of the Columbia Basin have rare bat species living in their garden shed?

During this program, you'll find out more about the amazing world of bats including their biology, ecology and myths. Students get a virtual tour of bats from around the world, eavesdrop on the echolocation calls of bats, touch and feel bat research equipment.

Post-program activities can be left with the instructor. Students will learn more about how to participate in bat counts or build a bat house.

About the Community Educator
Ayla Bennett is an environmental educator who lives with her family in beautiful Fernie, BC and delivers educational programs throughout the Elk Valley.

Ayla Bennett

Organization: self-employed

Title: Environmental Educator

Address: Fernie, BC

Curriculum Links:
Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife
Seasons:Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD5


See 12 testimonials.
"Ayla keeps stepping up her game. Each year she improves her presentation. I loved the felt bats. It helped familiarize the students with the size of bats." - Jane Fraser
"The students loved the life-sized bats that were brought in for the kids to see. They also really enjoyed seeing real bat bodies." - Emily Johnston
"Thank you Ayla for a great presentation! The students were so engaged and had so much fun!" - Spergel Leah
"Ayla was amazing and connected so well with the students." - dawn deydey
"We didn't end up having Ayla as our education we had LeeAnne Walker as our educator... She was AMAZING!!!!" - Joanne Plesman
"I would tell people it is a great way to get their students more informed about bats" - Danielle Lavigne
"Ayla is doing a great job. We will miss her while she is on Maternity leave." - Jane Fraser
"the presentation was a little long, students would have benefited from getting up and moving more often, I usually talk for 20 move for 2-3 etc..." - Nicolle Sutherland
"She knows her stuff about bats." - Renee MacCormack
"I would highly recommend the bat presentation. Ayla did an great job keeping all my kindergarten students actively engaged." - Rose Holmes
"Ayla knows her bats...she tries to convince me that bats are not bad but I'm still not a bat believer. They scare me." - Renee MacCormack
"As always, Ayla did a great job. It was great to have her back! I have been a part of All About Bats for approximately nine years. I love how the program has developed with more hands on opportunities and visuals. Keep up the great work!" - Jane Fraser

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