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Spring Bird Watching at Reflection Lake

Program Cost$250.00
TypeHalf Day Field Study
Duration2 Hours
Location Reflection Lake, near Golden
Contact This Presenterjoandolinsky@gmail.com

Reflection Lake is one of Golden's best locations to observe birds during spring migration and nesting season. Bring your class on a morning field trip to Reflection Lake Wildlife Viewing Area for a morning of bird watching and bird games. Binoculars and bird identification books are supplied.

This field trip will be customized to fit the grade level. Students will find out how to use binoculars, identify a number of song and water birds and observe their activities. They will identify habitat features and the significance of the Columbia River Wetlands to migratory and resident bird and ecosystem health. They will also learn how to recreate responsibly in the wetlands.


Organization: Wildsight - Golden

Title: President

Address: Golden, BC

Tags:Outdoor Skills, Ecosystems / Wildlife, Water, Sustainable Living
Grade Levels:Intermediate (4-6), Primary (K-3)
School Districts:SD6

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