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Disappearing Bees: The Colony Creation Project

Program Cost$150.00
TypeIn Class (approx 1 hr)
Duration1.5 Hours
Contact This Presenterjudith_robertson@hotmail.com

Please note: this program is only available for bookings from January to March and is now closed for bookings for the 2017/2018 school year.

About the Program
The Disappearing Bees workshop is an activity based program that will educate students on bee ecology, as well as have the class create a Bee Colony to share ideas for how to help save the bees.

In the last 10 years there has been tremendous decline in bee populations. This workshop will introduce the role that bees play in an ecosystem, and the environmental issues at hand.

Students will be asked to think of what they will do to save the bees, and in a toilet roll, representing a honey cell, each will construct their “save the bee” vision. Like the honeybee, this project is a community effort. The toilet rolls will be collected from all participating groups and connected to form a honeycomb of hope.

Curriculum Connections include:
Kindergarten Science: Basic needs / adaptations of animals
Grade 1 Science: Living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment
Grade 2 Science: Living things have life cycles adapted to their environment
Grade 3 Science: Living things are diverse and interact in their ecosystems

About the Community Educator
Judith is a trained biology teacher (BEd) and a professional art therapist (DKATI). She also works with children in the outdoors through Outward Bound, where she has been an educator and staff trainer for 24 years. She is committed to preserving the natural world, and feels that by educating and involving the youth through the experientially and through the arts, which is both reflective and expressive, students engage with the issue at a deeper level.

This program is available from January to March.


Title: Community Educator

Address: Nelson, BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife
Seasons:Spring, Winter
Grade Levels:Primary (K-3)
School Districts:SD20, SD8


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"Judith was very well prepared and brought a lot of interesting hands-on activities. I really like how she organized the lesson and allowed opportunity for every child to participate. The kids enjoyed it and we all learned a lot from it! " - Kirsten Macaulay

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