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Community Educators (CEs) are the heart and soul of the Wild Voices for Kids program. Each CE brings their own unique expertise in the environment or natural history, adds their passion for education, and creates classroom or field-based presentations that will both captivate students and satisfy the learning objectives of teachers.

Are you a forester or geographer? A biologist or mountain guide? A historian or First Nations storyteller?

Do you have some unique knowledge, skill or expertise you can share with students? If so, we’d like to connect with you!

Wild Voices provides training and assistance with program development, promotes presenters and their programs, and provides cash honoraria to CEs.

For resources to inform program development, check out our Community Educator Resources.
For support with becoming a CE, creating a program, claiming your honoraria, and submitting a travel claim, please refer to our Guide for Community Educators, or contact Rebecca at wildvoices@cbeen.org.

Contact Rebecca at wildvoices@cbeen.org.