Community Educator How Tos

Detailed instructions are being developed. Stay tune for regular updates on this page through January & February 2016!

  1. Download and fill out this year’s Community Educator Agreement
  2. Become a CBEEN member or Renew your membership using the email address associated with your account.
  3. Fill out your profile online.
  4. Please be sure we have Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check on file (needs to be less than 5 years old).

How Do I Create a Presentation?

  1. Login to your CBEEN System Account.
  2. Hover over the My WVFK Membership icon and select New WVFK Presentation.
  3. Fill out all fields. Note you may upload presentation-specific images in The Content section.
  4. Hit the blue button “Create Presentation“.
  5. Once your Presentation is complete, it must be approved. Click the blue button “Publish Presentation” to begin the approval process. Please note that once you publish, no further edits are possible. For any necessary edits post publish, please contact WVFK.
  6. You’ll receive an email confirmation that your presentation has been approved. Once approved, the presentation will be viewable on the WVFK Presentation page on the main CBEEN website as well as within the CBEEN Booking System, which is where teachers can choose to book.

How Do I Approve a Booking?

  1. You’ll receive an email to let you know you’ve got a booking Pending Agreement.
  2. Log in to your CBEEN account.
  3. Click on the icon My WVFK Bookings.
  4. You’ll see four tabs – Approved, Pending CBEEN Approval, Pending Agreement and Denied.
  5. Click on Pending Agreement.
  6. Click on the date link or the View button to see the booking.
  7. Need to set a new time? At the top right of your screen, you’ll see an item called Messages. Click on Messages to view the Booking Conversation. You can use messages to correspond with teachers while working out best booking times – or you can exchange emails/phone numbers via the messaging system.
  8. Once a time is agreed upon, the teacher will update date and time of the booking.
  9. Go back to Bookings/Pending Agreement and select the Accept Booking button.
  10. The Booking can now be found under the Pending CBEEN Approval tab.
  11. CBEEN Administration will receive an email notifying them of the booking. They will approve the booking and then you’ll note the booking automatically moves to the Approved tab in the My WVFK Bookings section of your CBEEN account.

How do I collect my honorarium?

  1. Log in and go to Bookings/Completed Bookings
  2. Claim the honoraria by clicking the Claim Now button
  3. Select “Collect Honoraria”
  4. Your booking will now be marked Complete – the Honoraria will be pending

What if the presentation didn’t happen?

Then please mark as undelivered.

What if we’ve delayed the presentation date?

Once a booking has been approved, it cannot be edited. Please delete booking and start again.

What if I don’t want my honorarium?

Waive it!

What happens when an honorarium is pending?

School District administration is processing your cheque.