What is CBEEN?

CBEEN is a Non-profit Society and Registered Charity.

Over a decade ago, educators from across the Canadian Columbia Basin recognized that they shared geographic and cultural links and also a common interest in environmental education (EE). The Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN) was born out of this shared sense of identity and from the common desire to support and promote EE on a regional scale.

Over the past 10 years CBEEN has grown from a small group of passionate educators to a large and vibrant network of educators from across the Columbia Basin and beyond. CBEEN has been working hard to connect educators with the best resources, information, professional development, delivery and networking opportunities available. We find efficiencies associated with facilitating and strengthening environmental education throughout the region.


In 2015, CBEEN was presented with the BC School Superintendent Association 2015 Community Award of Recognition which recognizes their outstanding contributions to support and enhance public school education in the Province of British Columbia. In 2013, CBEEN was named ‘Outstanding Environmental Education Membership Organization’ by the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) at its national conference.

CBEEN & Wild Voices - Timeline

MISSION: To encourage environmental stewardship and sustainability in the Canadian Columbia Basin by supporting environmental educators.

VISION: People in the Canadian Columbia Basin respect the natural environment and engage in sustainable activities.


  1. Continue to grow an active network of environmental educators.
  2. Encourage active collaboration on environmental education initiatives amongst CBEEN members, organizations and communities.
  3. Support access to environmental education.
  4. Strengthen the capacity of environmental educators throughout the Columbia Basin.
  5. Maintain a sustainable organization which has effective and ethical governance in accordance with its non-profit and charitable status.