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Please note: Bussing reimbursement is only available for COMPLIMENTARY programs.

CBEEN will reimburse up to $250 in bussing costs for complimentary programs.

Submitting a Request

To submit a request to CBEEN for a bussing cost reimbursement, you must select “Yes” from the dropdown menu at Step 4 of the booking process. For step-by-step instructions for the complete program booking process, click here.

Please note: It is the teacher’s responsibility to book the bus with their school district and clearly indicate that CBEEN / Wild Voices is to be billed for the program. When filling out your school’s transportation request form, please clearly indicate that the program is to be billed to CBEEN / Wild Voices.

School district specific instructions:

SD 6: Please put code: “000-75500/615” on the request form.

Confirming a Reimbursement

Once your Wild Voices for Kids program takes place, you will receive a message asking to confirm that your program was completed and a bus was booked.

At the end of each month, CBEEN will send a summary of all teachers and programs with confirmed bus reimbursement requests to the appropriate school district contact. The school district contact will invoice CBEEN for reimbursements.

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