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Spring Take Me Outside Day
Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Are you in or are you out? Join students and teachers from across the Kootenay-Boundary Learning Region (School Districts 5, 6, 8, 10, 20, 51) and take your learning outside for at least one hour on Thursday, April 20th. This event is coordinated by the Kootenay Boundary Chapter of the British Columbia School Superintendents Association (KBBCSSA) through their Environmental Education Initiative. Their goal is to support students’ understanding of their local environment, and empowerment of thoughtful action, through outdoor, experiential, place-based and place-conscious learning.


  1. Confirm your class or school participation here:
  2. Check out ideas and resources for taking your learning outside below
  3. Get Outside on April 20th!
  4. Submit a brief story and photo here:

All participants will be entered to win an overnight stay at Nipika Mountain Resort and Blue Lake Centre for an entire class!

Click here for the event poster to share with other teachers & parents.



Browse and download lessons, copy sheets and more! Resources are listed under the 5 main categories below and are also searchable in the resource database.

Energy, Atmosphere and Climate

Earth, Ecosystems and Ecology

Plants, Animals and Habitats

Water, Wetlands and Watersheds

Outdoors, Projects and Places

Teacher Tips and Tricks


Daily doses of connecting our students to the outdoors & nature are key to their academic, social, emotional and physical success. For research on the benefits of connecting students to nature & the outdoors go to:


A report was just published by Stanford University on the impacts of environmental education for K-12 students. This includes a higher aptitude for 21st century skills such as critical thinking, oral communication, analytical skills, problem solving, and higher-order thinking. To read more go to:


You can find many connections to outdoor/place-based learning and the redesigned BC curriculum online here:

Teacher Resources

You can find more resources on our Teaching Resources page here: