Education Resources

A summary of great environmental education resources available to support both classroom and community-based programs.

Creating Outdoor Learning Spaces on your School Grounds

Evergreen Canada’s step-by-step road map to help you start your school ground greening process.

Resources for Rethinking

Provides teachers access to lesson plans, curriculum units and other teaching resources that integrate environmental, social and economic spheres through learning that is interdisciplinary and action oriented.

Community-based Social Marketing

Research-based strategies to ensure that your organization’s work in fostering sustainable behaviour is effective.

Measuring the Success of Environmental Education Programs

A program logic model and an evaluation scheme that uses illustrative examples from existing environmental education programs.

An Educator’s Guide to Stewardship and Sustainability Learning in BC

Hands-on, place-based explorations of their communities, and the stewardship issues relevant to them.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Colouring pages, educational units, lesson plans, manuals, handouts, resource sheets, wild webinars and more!

Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence

Helps environmental educators create inclusive environments that support effective partnerships and collaborations.

Influencing Conservation Outcomes

What Research Says About Environmental Literacy, Behavior, and Conservation Results.

Green Teacher

Great kid-tested ideas for fostering learning and inspiring action on environmental and other global issues.

Alberta Council for Environmental Education Resource Centre

Workshops, field trips, movies, websites, posters, presentations that provides tools, skills, and knowledge to be stewards of our environment.

Tools of Change

The most extensive, freely-accessible collection of voluntary behavior change, social marketing and CBSM case studies available on the web.

EE Research

Communicating environmental education research to educators, with the goal of improving education programs based on sound research findings.

Wild BC Resource Room

A collection of environmental and educational resources, links and materials that can be downloaded, viewed and/or purchased through our online store (CBEEN members receive discounts on purchased resources).

Children and Nature Network

A collection of scientific literature to browse, learn and share current and emerging findings that can help make a solid case based on the research to policy-makers, school boards, community groups, health providers, urban planners and others that can influence the systems to connect children, families and communities to nature.

Stewardship Centre for BC

A diverse and comprehensive set of educational, technical and capacity resources for stewardship in BC.

EE Capacity

EE Capacity and its Partners have produced a number of exciting resources.

Connecting the Dots 

Key Strategies that Transform Learning for Environmental Education, Citizenship and Sustainability.

Natural Curiosity

Building children’s understanding of the world through environmental inquiry.


A nature magazine featuring articles by BC’s leading naturalists, as well as games, nature activities, step-by-step drawing instructions, contests, quizzes, ask columns, stories and poems.

Science World

Free printable activities tested by students, teachers, and parents. These interactive demos, inquiry-based explorations, and fun hands-on activities use easy-to-find materials.

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